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Rawyal was founded in 2016 and its mission is to create and deliver pure, healthy, high-quality raw and unprocessed delights made from the best raw materials. We specialize in the production exclusively plant based, organic, raw handmade sweets and premium snacks.

Our main purpose is to reveal to the world how nature has provided the best plan and has the most valuable and most delicious ingredients, giving the human body satisfaction and harmony in physical, psychological and mental level, catapulting the senses!

Rawyal nutrition is based on the consumption of only the finest, plant-based, organic and raw ingredients. It consists of pure and delicious Super foods that gods would choose to create their own ambrosia. The choice of raw vegan diet is the most ideal and can lead to a memorable gastronomic experience satisfying even the most demanding culinary palette. Besides, it is not only the healthier but also the purest orgasmic pleasure.
The main gifts offered by regular exercise are health, well-being and longevity. The Rawyal way of life is therefore based on daily exercise not only for the benefits you will notice in your body but for improving both the quality and the length of your life. We refer to the extinction of stress, increased levels of energy and vitality, the improvement of the muscular and cardiovascular system and the incredible euphoria we experience. Choose whatever form of exercise suits you and you will be rewarded with glowing Rawyal days!
When the body is pure and energetic then it can accommodate a powerful mind and an enlightened spirit. Rawyal lifestyle is based not only to healthy eating and maintaining the body but also maintaining the mind. The information we capture and process, the active meaning we give them and the way they reach our senses is the food of our minds. Our goal is to continually cultivate our minds and improve our perception. Stimulate your mind and discover where science meets art. “Only the mind sees and hears”. Epicharmus of Kos, 530-440 BC. “Mind is everything, what you think is what you become” Buddha, 563-483 BC
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Choose the Rawyal way of life and discover the ultimate redemption, purification and elevation. Find the balance between your body, your mind and your spirit and live every moment of your life exactly as you want and have chosen. Discover the god you are hiding in you. Now you have the ability to acquire whatever you ask for. We are all capable and all hiding a god within us. But who will struggle to meet him? Nothing else should concern us but this trip. Everything else is easy and will be done in the end as long as we choose it.
Rawyal lives intense and adventurous, travels and explores. Whether it's a nearby destination or an exotic place, our enthusiasm remains inexorable. We are real travelers who live every moment unique. We learn about other cultures, we always visit their museums, we hear the sounds of different places, we smell aromas in the air, we taste new and special flavors, we talk to the locals, we read about their history and we see what their land has to show us. We explore everything and mostly distant places, usually isolated and surrounded by nature, almost otherworldly. The connection we feel with Mother Nature is personal and special, it is magical. It is the connection to our umbilical cord and the return to our home. There the mind cleanses, the spirit enlivens and the body is charged.
Choose your lifestyle. We chose the Rawyal way. Everything we taste, hear, smell, see and feel we have chosen to be unique and of exceptional quality because our body, mind and spirit are our temple and in a holy place it is worth the purest, the divine.

Our story goes back 10 years when Athena was London resident. She discovered through a close friend the raw food diet and became a dedicated raw foodist since then. Her work through Rawyal comes with love and is purely experiential as she is following 10 years exclusively raw food diet

Mar 2007

About Us

In 2015, seven years later, she met George and decided to join their forces. The journey had begun!

Feb 2015

Raw Snacks and Delights

In 2016 Rawyal, the first raw food company in Greece that creates and offers premium, handmade & vegan raw-food snacks, is finally a fundamental reality!

Jan 2016
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About Us
Rawyal (Raw & Royal) is the food of Kings & Queens, the greatest gift that Gods gave to mankind. Food at its purest form, it’s our ambrosia. It’s where the earth meets the sun and the sky.
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Our products are the result of blending super foods such as raw cacao, honey, tahini, nuts and dried fruits resulting to the ultimate mouth satisfaction. Enjoying these orgasmic delicacies that once ate kings and gods give you the gift of reconnection with your divine nature.

Our philosophy is to offer premium, plant based & 100% organic raw yumminess. Rawyal delights are not only healthy & guilt free but also deliciously naughty! Only the finest raw ingredients blended together to create our raw delights. Our goal is to offer revolutionary, orgasmic and divine raw food.

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Our goal!
Our goal is to meet the growing need of modern consumers for natural, organic and healthy food without being deprived of pleasure. Premium raw delight series is delightfully orgasmic and can lead to unprecedented luscious experiences!

About Us Click here! Ωμοφαγικά σνακ μπάρες χωρίς ζαχαρη γλουτενη συντηρητικά Following the growing need for premium quality raw organic Are you interested in our products? Fill in the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible! products, Rawyal expands within Greece and abroad.

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